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Your accountant does not understand property tax?

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How much is unclear advice and poor accounting services costing you and your business?

You need an accountant that is
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Experts at property

We help you through your property journey, giving expert tax advice at every step

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You will have a client delivery team - no more confusion about who to contact

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Get a business partner that understands what it takes to run and grow a business

Finance function

We can run your entire finance function, taking away the hassle of managing the finances

A business partner

Never worry about the finances & taxes again. Make the move from worker to owner & keep more, work less & get your time back.

Get an accountant that is on your side.

We understand that running a successful business requires an incredible amount of effort and dedication - we do it ourselves.

We understand that building a property business takes an unbelievable amount of time and commitment - we do it ourselves.

You want to know that the decisions you make are based on sound, correct advice and you want to be able to talk to someone you trust for that advice.

115 years+ combined experience covering property tax through to completing business sales and purchases worth $1bn.

How we've helped our clients

Business accounting solutions

Del Bhanot

MD of KKB Group

During the outbreak of Covid 19 in 2022, KKB took steps to streamline its finance operations and appointed Nijjer Accountants to meet its legal and operational requirements through their Virtual Finance Office service.

The decision has paid dividends as additional resources have been freed up to focus on KKB's longer term strategies, whilst meeting accounting, audit and payroll demands.

We are also looking of more ways to work closely with Nijjer Accountants because of the value they can add.

We have been with Nijjer Accountants since day one and 12 years later they are still our trusted advisors. Even as we scaled up our in·house finance team, the team at Nijjer Accountants have provided us with invaluable service and advice that we would not be able to get anywhere else and has saved us money and earned us money.

They have been able to deal with everything we have put their way and suggested their own services and products that have returned a lot more than we invested. Right now they are working with multiple levels within our team on company accounts, tax advisory projects and helping us with structuring our companies far the next phase of our growth. These are the accountants to have on your team.

Business accounting solutions
Business accounting solutions

Paul Henry & David Braddon

Founders of Esquire Developments

Business accounting solutions

Ashley Lindsay

Property Investor

Nijjer Accountants saved us a small fortune on SDLT.

We are currently purchasing 8 HMOs. I was aware that you could make savings on SDLT if the transactions were linked or that you could claim multiple dwellings relief.

I spoke with a number of accountants who suggested that we would not be entitled to any reduction or that our bill could be reduced by around £10,000.

Nijjer Accountants were the only firm that looked at the situation in a commercial and solution-driven way and saved us a further £50,000. Thanks team!

It is rare to find a tax accountant who can explain things in 'entrepreneur' language allowing not only for massive tax savings but a level of empowerment and understanding to take things to the next level.

Nijjer Accountants operate efficiently, they are responsive and you know that if you ever have any issues they will not hesitate in getting them resolved for you. A truly competent and refreshing company to work with.

Business accounting solutions

Josh Keegan

Serial Entrepreneur & Property Investor

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About Us

At Nijjer Accountants, we know you are the kind of people who want to be successful and know that your business is being looked after. This gives you the time and stress-free mind to do the things you love doing and to see the people you love seeing. To do that. you need to focus on the important issues in your business, know that the numbers are taken care of and your accountant is on your side. You also need to know that you are getting reliable feedback and advice that can be used to make decisions.

The problem is (and we hear it from a lot of people) that the current accountant only does numbers and nothing else, or they don't reply to you, or they don't offer any solutions, feels like they are on the other side of the table from you, or don't understand property or... Whatever the problem is, the end result is you are micromanaging and not getting the results or lifestyle you want.

We understand that we are your partners in your business and want to see you succeed. That's why we approach every problem as if its our own. So book a call today, so you can stop micromanaging & stressing & start focusing on the bigger picture and living life.