Medical Professionals

Medical financial care and planning

Looking after your financial affairs so you can look after your patients.

Should I run my dental practice as a company or a sole trader? I am ready to expand – should I buy a new optometry practice? I’m a consultant cardiologist – but not an accountant so how do I know how to maximise my tax deductions?

Medical professionals provide an invaluable service to the public, so we are always happy when we can help give a little back by setting your mind at ease that your accounting and tax affairs are in order.

You can have a dedicated account manager at a seniority level of your choosing to ensure that your questions are always picked up by the same person and dealt with consistently. Just like your patients get peace of mind seeing you again.

Then there’s planning for the future – we can help you to set things up so that all angles are considered.

Budgeting and forecasting
Budgeting and forecasting